Vegan Fashion Week

For the first time Infantium Victoria was taking part in the newest addition to the fashion scene Vegan Fashion Week. This exciting event took place in Los Angeles from 10th to 15th October 2019. 

First edition in February was indeed a ground breaking event, being featured in the most prominent media, including Vogue!

The theme of second event - FASHION IS ACTIVISM. We fully support this - with every garment we design and produce - Infantium Victoria sends the message of sustainable living and cruelty free choices. No animal should be harmed for the vanity of humans. And no human being should suffer for our garments. Our clients are on board with our value and each customer votes for future with their purchases.

sustainable vegan fashion

Infantium Victoria featured our latest collections available for immediate purchase for the stores, as well as the selected choice of the upcoming SS20 collection. Our bomber and coat made of Pinatex (leather alternative made of pineapple leaves) stole the show. These were the most asked for items and no wonder the coat made it's way to the Collective Runway.

pinatex vegan leather coat vegan fashion week

We thank @MorganizePhoto @VeganFashionWeek @VildaMagazine for the amazing footage of the Runway Show.

At the end of the show each of models (most of those are advocates for vegan living) introduced outfit they were wearing. Then all the designers were called on stage! That was a beautiful and powerful moment.

During the Vegan Fashion Week The Future of Fashion Conference was held. Thie is a series of conferences focused on ethical and smart fashion literacy. Our creative director Dinie van den Heuvel was invited to take part in one of the panels on key vegan trends and textile alternatives. It was a very fruitful discussion with a fantastic moderator and very engaged audience

dinie van den heuvel vegan fashion week

Our first participation in Vegan Fashion Week was a unique experience, we got to meet amazing people from all over the world that are passionate about ethics and fashion. We would loke to thank the founder of Vegan Fashion Week, Emanuelle Rienda, and all the Team for their incredible effort and passion! We are looking forward to be coming back to LA for the next edition in March 2020.

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