INFANTIUM VICTORIA was named winner of the PETA VEGAN FASHION AWARD, taking home these highly prestigious honors, which were awared for the first time in kidswear.
Potential award recipients have been hand-picked by renown jury members in order to be in contention for the PETA VEGAN FASHION AWARD, and were judged based on design and sustainability criteria. Dinie van den Heuvel, creative director of INFANTIUM VICTORIA says:
"For us it was clear from the very beginning. We are looking to revolutionize kidswear by making it future orientated. So we had no doubts about our line being fully organic, sustainable and vegan. In fact Infantium Victoria was one of the first childrenswear brands to receive PETA-approved vegan certification. We are very grateful to the Jury for appreciating children’s fashion and we will further on continue making vegan fashion mainstream".
Infantium Victoria is a design-driven children’s wear label equal parts wearable and avant-garde. Every collection starts with a creative exploration on a theme of personal or social import, expressed through artful silhouettes, custom made fabrics, hand-embroidery, original prints, and fine, organic fibers. Garments are both playful and sophisticated, making use of asymmetrical lines, contrasting fabrics, and whimsical details that delight the senses and speak to the wonder and magic of childhood.
Infantium Victoria believes only the purest fibers should come into contact with your child’s skin. We are committed to strict adherence with the highest standards of manufacturing, using only organic cotton and low-impact dyes in 100% GOTS certified factories. Every aspect of our supply chain—from fabrics to finishings—is mindfully considered for minimal environmental impact and our garments are 100% cruelty-free, employing only plant-based materials in garment construction.
Infantium Victoria’s Creative Director Dinie van den Heuvel is a fashion industry veteran and a sought-after lecturer in fashion departments across Europe’s most esteemed design schools like HEAD Geneve, IFM Paris and FHNW Insitut Mode-Design Basel..
An expert in draping, moulage, and flat pattern design, van den Heuvel is also the founder of d’andt, a Brussels-based pattern making atelier and consulting firm. At Infantium Victoria, van den Heuvel’s passion for heirloom quality children’s garments finds its full expression in playful, fashion-forward designs.

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