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Infantium Victoria’s luxury childrenswear is made to last. Unfortunately our little clients grow out of them. Our garments would need to find new homes. We love seeing our products being passed in families and among the friends. But sometimes it’s just too much of a hustle. That is why, building on our commitment to sustainable fashion, we introduce a new platform  IV_PRELOVED for our quality second hand clothes.

Donating a garments seems to be a very common practice for kids wear, however those goods can easily end up in landfill. Of course our organic plant-based products would make a great compost under certain conditions. But it would really be a waste! So much love is put into creating those precious pieces , so we want to make sure that Infantium Victoria products would be worn by multiple kids

IV_PRELOVED is a new section in our online shop. We encourage all of our customers to send us their preloved Infantium Victoria kids wear. As a thank you each will receive a 20% off voucher for your next purchase. Each garment will be inspected by our stuff, washed with natural detergents and repaired if necessary. Only products that passed this process are presented at our space IV_PRELOVED. Some of the clothes would come from photo shootings or sales sampling, barely worn.

IV_PRELOVED also is a great chance to shop quality designer childrens wear at great prices. Shopping for sustainable kids wardrobe on a budget has never been easier! All of the garments will last beyond common high street brands. Choosing Infantium Victoria preloved garments is a great investment in  preserving health and wellbeing of your children and precious Earth’s resources.


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