Setting Sail for Pitti Bimbo 85

We attended the 85th edition of Pitti Bimbo in Florence, Italy this summer and in true Infantium Victoria fashion, our booth hit a high note in terms of both style and sustainability. Really more of an installation than a simple stand, our presence was a manifesto of all Infantium Victoria holds dear: imagination, art, and mindfulness.

Infantium Victoria at Pitti Bimbo

The space played off the defining theme of our SS18 collection The Canopy—a place where unbridled imagination takes many forms. Aided by the special talents of Dutch artist Sen Doesborgh, we designed the space as if it were a fort built from treasures found in grandfather’s attic. The resulting masterpiece was half pirate ship, half helicopter, inhabited by life-size dolls handmade by Infantium Victoria Creative Director Dinie van den Huevel.

Infantium Victoria at Pitti Bimbo

Dinie lovingly crafted each doll in a range of colours, each with a unique hairstyle—some of which took 10 hours to create. The dolls were a hit with adults and kids alike and passersby couldn't resist stopping to take pictures of the booth.

Infantium Victoria at Pitti Bimbo

When the time came to disassemble, being the sustainable company we are, we returned all the raw materials used to their owners for a zero-waste show.

All in all, the magic ship we created for Pitti was the perfect backdrop to present our fantastic SS18 collection coming in February 2018!

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