Introducing the New Fall Collection, Labyrinth

This fall, Infantium Victoria introduces Labyrinth, reaching the zenith of effortless, sustainable style for tiny global citizens. The collection introduces the skyline motif, an embroidered mash up of iconic international skylines that we know and love—Paris, New York, Dubai, Moscow, London and Shanghai—adorning padded organic cotton dresses, pants, and tops. 

Tartan Plaid Labyrinth Infantium Victoria Fall 2017

In juxtaposition to our signature black base, this season we introduce our exclusive Tartan Plaid, in bold jewel toned colours that scream fall, with a modern twist. Pops of colour lend an avant garde edge to classic pleated blouses, bow ties accents, and wardrobe staples like trousers and oxford shirts. 

In true Infantium Victoria style, the brilliance is in the details—we've incorporated broderie anglaise in the shape of ANTS, yes ANTS, to delight your little ones. 

signature black Labyrinth Infantium Victoria Fall 2017

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