6 Dubai Hot Spots for Kids

Dubai is an incredibly family-friendly place and offers a host of super fun activities for kids of all ages. Although summer temperatures can reach soaring heights, there are plenty of ways to beat the heat. Here’s my top 6 hot spots for kids in Dubai, featuring several pieces from Infantium Victoria's SS17 collection Emulsion.

6 Tips for Kids in Dubai

1. The beach is gorgeous but to really enjoy it in the summer, you must get there very early in the morning before it gets unbearably hot. There is something for everyone, from food carts to yoga, a world class gym, and shopping in the market when the time for sand and sun is over and done! Kamilla wears the Miss Evie wrap dress in Degrade

6 Tips for Kids in Dubai

2. Alternatively, hit up the largest waterpark in Dubai, Aquaventure, located at The Palm Dubai. The slides and rides are thrilling for adults, you can get up close and personal with sharks and rays, enjoy a pristine private beach, and there is a fantastic splash pad area for the little ones. Kamilla wears the Quiet Storm jacket and Mini Cruiser bloomers.

3. Most malls have amazing indoor play spaces since it’s hard to spend time outdoors for prolonged periods of time in the summer. Magic Planet in The Mall of Emirates offers two levels of rides and games that are fun for kids and adults alike. Kamilla wears the Trailblazer t-shirt and Lady Bell skirt. 

6 Tips for Kids in Dubai

4. The Dubai Mall features the popular franchise, Kidzania. My daughter LOOOVES this place for the arts and crafts activities and I love it because they have truly amazing kids boutiques and toy stores. Kamilla wears the Trailblazer t-shirt with Kool Kid shorts in Degrade (left) and Kool Kid shorts in black (right).

5. LEGOLAND Dubai is a must-experience. It opens in the afternoon because of the heat, but it was really empty during our trip and we were able to enjoy all the rides multiple times. Kamilla wears the Quiet Storm jacket in black and Paper Doll dress.

6 Tips for Kids in Dubai

6. On this trip we found a really cool vegan restaurant with amazing sugar free, gluten free desserts. Life n’ One specializes in ‘high vibrational food’ and has hands down the best chocolate smoothie in town. Kamilla wears the Miss Evie dress in black.

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