Global Street Style, the Infantium Victoria Way

Is there anything better than epic mini street style around the world? We're pretty convinced the answer is NO! Nothing brings us more joy than to see our beloved global trendsetters sporting their Infantium V threads. Keep scrolling for swoon-worthy looks and be sure to follow Infantium Victoria and our favourite mini style mavens on Instagram!

Photo credit, top image: @fiveladiesandbeau; shop the Skyline Vest

Above image: @blossomkind; shop the Skyline Dress 

Photo credit, above image: @anelia_a; shop the Bowtie Shirt and Black Pleated Belt Skirt and Skyline Pants and Skyline Vest

Photo credit, above image: @gbeloved; Shop the Bow Tie Shirt and Tartan Pleated Belt Pants and Tartan Trail Dress


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