Infantium Victoria Visits Our Partners in India

Infantium Victoria Creative Director Dinie van den Heuvel and the team recently visited our factory in Aruna— and what a trip!

 Our partners run several factories in the area and are on the road to full GOTS certified compliance with all facilities. We are so thrilled that the factory making our clothes is the first to have been fully audited and approved, and our SS18 collection will be the very first officially GOTS certified production rolling out of their factory.

 Very exciting times for us and them!

 While there, we discussed our expectations with regards to finishing and quality control, we looked at their work to get a better understanding of what they do and how they work best. We were shown some of the fabrics they have a permanent access to, and discussed how we might work with this base palette to get something absolutely Infantium!

The next stop on the tour was factory Tharangini, who are making our amazing block prints for next season. We had met on my last trip to India and their wonderful handcrafted work highly influenced the development and design of the SS18 collection. Tharangini is one of the oldest block printing facilities in India. They only work with plant based dyes, so there are no toxic fumes in the workspace.

 The  owner Padmini, is the 2nd generation woman in charge of the workshop, which was founded by her mother founded the shop in 1977. Padmini maintains an archive of more than 5000 blocks, but actively develops exclusive blocks for each customer. The cutting of the blocks takes the artisan about two weeks to complete. When I arrived, the blocks where ready for inspection and a trial run. We eliminated a few styles, and experimented with the blocks to get the spacing of the print just right, to make the image come to life.

 We started with one color, printed it, and then slowly started to mix more of each color in, to achieve the blend of color that suits our collection best. The process is a testament to Infantium Victoria’s love of curiosity and endless ocean of human creativity.

What an amazing trip— thank you for reading and being part of the Infantium Victoria journey. To learn more, visit the Infantium Victoria YouTube channel.

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