Elevating Fashion: Our Journey to GOTS Certification

Fashion is more than just clothing; it's an embodiment of values and narratives. As a certified fashion design brand, Infantium Victoria's journey has been one of constant evolution, driven by our dedication to sustainability. Our achievement of GOTS certification stands as an ongoing testament to our pursuit to redefine fashion's impact. Join us as we unveil the significance of GOTS and what it means for us and the fashion industry at large.


The Road to GOTS Certification: A Commitment Beyond Fabric

 Certification isn't just a stamp; it's a commitment to embodying values. The journey to GOTS certification wasn't merely about ticking boxes; it was a dedicated endeavor to align our brand's principles with sustainable practices. Every step, from sourcing materials to crafting designs, was meticulously assessed to meet GOTS criteria.


Elevating Sustainability: A Symphony of Efforts

GOTS certification isn't a destination; for us it has been the holistic idea since founding. We created our production processes to minimize environmental impact. From choosing eco-friendly dyes to optimizing water usage, every decision is always guided by our determination to harmonize fashion with ecology.


 Craftsmanship and Responsibility

Our artisans aren't just creators; they're guardians of our ethos. The pursuit of GOTS certification meant ensuring their safety and well-being. Creating a secure and empowering workspace became paramount, reflecting our commitment to the artisan-tailors who breathe life into our designs.


GOTS: Beyond a Certificate

 GOTS isn't just a certificate; it's a narrative that reverberates with conscious design. The Global Organic Textile Standard is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers. At its core, GOTS emphasizes four distinctive and unique features; organic fibers, ecological and social criteria applied to all processing stages and independent third party certification.

The standard covers the processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, trading and distribution of all textiles made from at least 70% certified organic fibers.

GOTS evaluates the processing and manufacturing of textiles on the basis of both environmental and social criteria. This means assessing everything from the chemical inputs being used to the ethical treatment of workers. To become GOTS certified, it is mandatory to meet all of the criteria. These aren't just checkboxes; they're principles that mirror our own.


Restricted Chemicals: Embracing Purity

GOTS' strict list of restricted chemicals mirrors our pledge to create clothing that doesn't just adorn but also protects. By ensuring our garments are free from harmful substances, we're weaving trust into every thread. GOTS lists the approved colourants, auxiliaries and other chemicals that are allowed to be used. But, equally important, it lists the levels of toxicity not the be transgressed and has restrictions in place on many of the fahison industries common chemicals so the chemicals meet the standards of biodegradability.


 Water and Waste: A Symphony of Sustainability

With the restricted listed of approved chemicals, naturally follows a demand for wastewater treatment. From dyeing fabrics to final touches, every drop matters. GOTS' stringent water management guidelines mirror our aspiration to conserve this precious resource. Waste management, too, echoes our vision of minimizing our environmental footprint, weaving a narrative of eco-consciousness.


Safe Workspaces: Nurturing Creators

Behind each design is an artisan's touch, and their well-being is non-negotiable. GOTS' emphasis on safe work environments aligns seamlessly with our belief in fostering a space where creativity flourishes without compromise. GOTS requires stringent policies ensure worker safety from harassment, violence, discrimination, and it ensures that employment is freely chosen. Of course this also means a strict exclusion of child labour is imposed. The salary’s are under constant evaluation, and each company is encouraged to raise salary’s to meet the living wage standards. And working times are regulated to ensure a healthy balance between private and professional life.


GOTS and Our Identity: A Harmonious Fusion

 GOTS certification isn't just an achievement; it's an extension of our identity. It encapsulates our commitment to crafting fashion that's rooted in values and ethics.


Redefining Fashion's Impact

When you see the GOTS label on our designs, it's more than a tag; it's a testament. It signifies that our garments are born from an intricate fusion of conscious design and eco-friendly practices. From the tender touch of organic cotton to the vibrant hues of natural dyes, GOTS is woven into every facet.

GOTS certification isn't just about creating beautiful garments; it's about rewriting fashion's narrative. It's a statement that fashion can be a catalyst for change – a change that embraces sustainability, ethics, and the well-being of all involved.


As a certified fashion design brand, our journey to GOTS certification is a reflection of our commitment to elevating fashion's impact. GOTS isn't just a certificate; it's a mirror that reflects our values and aspirations. With GOTS, we're weaving a story that transcends trends, weaving a narrative of responsible fashion that stands the test of time. Join us as we celebrate this new chapter of sustainable design, where fashion is more than just an expression; it's a movement.

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