Nurturing Growth Beyond Fashion: Our Social Commitment

In the heart of fashion, we find not just threads and fabrics, but stories of growth and impact. At Infantium Victoria, we are excited to unveil a facet of our brand that goes beyond designs and trends. Our social commitment isn't just a footnote; it's a cornerstone that shapes our journey. Join us on a deepdive into how we embrace lifelong learning, share knowledge, collaborate with like-minded partners, and champion a purpose-driven approach that defines our sustainable fashion narrative.


Our core values; GOTS front and centre

In our journey towards fostering social engagement and promoting sustainability, one integral aspect that stands out is the proud display of our Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certificate. This certificate not only speaks volumes about our dedication to producing high-quality organic textiles but also serves as a vivid representation of our social commitment central in all our endeavors.

Embedded within our core values is a resolute commitment to ethical practices and sustainability. Our GOTS certificate exemplifies these values by emphasizing the use of organic fibers, reducing environmental impact, and ensuring fair labor practices. The presence of the GOTS logo on our products is a constant reminder to our customers that they are not only purchasing top-quality textiles but are also contributing to a global movement towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

Our GOTS certification underscores our dedication to transparency and accountability. It signifies our willingness to subject ourselves to rigorous assessments by independent certifying bodies, providing our customers with the assurance that our claims about sustainability and social responsibility are backed by credible and verified standards.


Lifelong Learning: Cultivating Curiosity Within

Fashion isn't static; it's an evolving canvas that thrives on creativity and innovation. At Infantium Victoria, we believe in nurturing a culture of lifelong learning. Our team isn't just confined to their roles; they're encouraged to explore uncharted territories. From exploring new design techniques to understanding sustainable materials, each member of our team is on a continuous journey of growth.


Tailored Internship Programs: Nurturing Individual Growth

Our commitment to lifelong learning extends beyond our team to the next generation of fashion enthusiasts. We take immense pride in hosting a select few interns, each with a personalized learning program. These programs are crafted based on their interests and aspirations, ensuring that their time with us is not just a stint, but a transformative experience.


Sharing Wisdom: Lessons Learned and Failures Embraced

Learning isn't limited to successes; it's enriched by failures too. As a brand that embraces transparency, we believe in sharing our journey's ups and downs. Through articles, workshops, and open discussions, we share the lessons learned and the wisdom gained. This culture of openness isn't just about our growth; it's about contributing to the collective growth of the fashion community. And lets be honest, stories of failures often are far more compelling and fascinating.


Collaborating Partners: Echoing Our Values

A journey is more meaningful when shared with kindred spirits. We don't just choose collaborators; we choose partners who mirror our ecological and social values. These partnerships go beyond business transactions; they're a testament to our commitment to fostering a sustainable fashion ecosystem.


Selective Collaborations: Quality Over Quantity

Our collaboration philosophy is grounded in quality over quantity. We don't seek partnerships for the sake of numbers; we seek collaborations that amplify our impact. Our partners are carefully chosen based on shared values and a mutual dedication to sustainability and ethical practices. This process is often guided by those that have chosen GOTS certification like we did. But we are not blind for the amazing qualities found in small scale crafts ateliers, artisans and specialist. Sometimes without a budget for need for this type of certification, but sometimes also because they are such a pioneers that certificates do not include their fibers or processes yet.


At Infantium Victoria, our journey is painted with the hues of social commitment. Lifelong learning, sharing knowledge, nurturing collaborations, and our creative director's quest for growth are all threads that intertwine to weave a narrative beyond fashion. Our commitment isn't just to design; it's to a purpose-driven path that uplifts, educates, and empowers. Join us in celebrating a journey where fashion isn't just about aesthetics; it's about making a difference.

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