Locally Made with Love: Infantium Victoria's Ethos of Sustainable Craftsmanship

Local has become a fair indication for sustainability. Local produce do not require polluting transport, are easier to trace and intuitively feel as the greenest solution.

But what does Local mean in the fashion world? At Infantium Victoria we have determined that we prioritize local fibers, region-specific sourcing, and that we are dedicated to creating garments that are not only beautiful but also carry a story of love and conscious craftsmanship.

Prioritizing Pure Fibers

At Infantium Victoria, the choice of fibers is a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability. We prioritize mono material garments and our policy of minimizing the use of fiber blends is a testament to our dedication to creating pure, high-quality pieces. The brand has a strong outspoken passion for plant fibers, this is rooted in our belief that natural materials not only offer superior comfort but also possess a lower environmental impact. This choice forms the foundation of our approach to locally made, organic children's clothes.

Sourcing Local Fibers for Local Craftsmanship

In a world where fashion's journey can span continents, some garments even traveling completely around our planet from farm to shop, Infantium Victoria takes a different path. We are resolute in sourcing local fibers and transforming them within the same region into exquisite clothing. This commitment goes beyond the garments themselves; it's a way to honor the communities that contribute to the brand's creations. Whether it's Indian GOTs cotton destined for the Indian sewing factory or Turkish, Greek, and Egyptian GOTS cotton for our Portugees and German ateliers, Infantium Victoria weaves a tale of collaboration and shared values.

The Heart of Slow Fashion

Infantium Victoria's approach to locally made, organic children's clothes is steeped in the principles of slow fashion. Unlike the fast-paced, transient nature of many fashion brands, Infantium Victoria's creations are built to last, transcending seasons and fleeting trends. Our commitment to local sourcing and fibers nurtures a bond between the wearer and the garment, fostering an appreciation for the stories woven into every thread.

Explore the Essence of Local Craftsmanship

- Beige Girls' Boho Dress with Golden Castle Embroidery: Immerse yourself in the elegance of locally made children's clothing.

- Velvet Shirt in Aubergine: Discover the charm of organic fabrics and region-specific sourcing.

- Blue Denim Skirt with Appliqué: Explore the narrative of craftsmanship woven into every piece.

We believe that the craftsmen, ateliers and farmers we collaborate with, together, weave a tapestry of values that stand the test of time. Garments made with love, by people, for our next generation. Each garment encapsulates not just style, but a profound story of love, craftsmanship, and conscious living.

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