Special Project! Supporting Indian Workers

URGothic collection is going to be released in a few days. In the meantime we have a very special announcement about this collection!

We really liked documentary which was released earlier, The True Cost. It talks about the dark side of fast fashion. Most shocking for me personally were the working conditions of people who create these garments. They are true heroes.

It feels so right to us to support fair working conditions in the developing countries. So we found a reliable Indian Company, called Youngbrand Apparel, which could provide GOTS certified product. An order for a special garment was placed. What does it mean for you as a customer? By purchasing this special item you support organic farmers, dying studios, weavers and end manufacturers in India.

Youngbrans Apparel complies with Health &Safety standards, doesn’t use child or forced labor, provides good wages and Freedom of Association for its workers, as well as day care for worker’s children, ensures environmental cleanliness.

This special item we call Body Black Basics. It’s 93% organic cotton, 7% Elastan, very soft and comfy fabric. It has our trademark buttons on the shoulders (more about them in next posts). Half-long sleeve makes it a truly basic garment in building your kid’s wardrobe. Black Basics Body comes in sizes 68 to 92 and will be available at a very special price! Makesure to grab one!

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