Meeting Tarja Turunen!

I just can’t help but share a story about an amazing meeting with Tarja Turunen last night!

Tarja is on the tour in Germany now, and we were so lucky to visit one of her performances in Bielefeld on Saturday 12th December. This concert is from Ave Maria Tour and of course we got to hear plenty of Ave Marias, including one written by Tarja herself (brilliant!). Along with those many Christmas tunes were played which crated a very festive atmosphere. To be honest that was our first classical concert of Finish icon – it felt very different from metal ones. But non the less – beautiful!

After the concert we were so lucky to get to talk to Tarja personally! She was very kind to sign our tote bags (yay!) We brought few garments for her lovely daughter Naomi, who is also on tour with her parents. Little one is just SUUUUPER CUTE! I was so delighted to see that Naomi and her parents liked our clothes!! Such a reward for a designer!

Well, I hope it was not the last time I got to speak to this amazing and inspirational woman! Tarja, KIITOS!!!!

Tarja Turunen!

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