A Deeper Luxury

Infantium Victoria is on the forefront of re-conceptualizing what it means to be a luxury children’s brand. Luxury is a pillar of our brand identity, but not in the way you may think.

For Infantium Victoria, there are exactly two things at the pinnacle of luxury children’s apparel—time to be in and of the moment and peace of mind. Both elements are crucial to our identity.

Time to live in the moment, to experience and enjoy in the here and now, has the power to overwhelm with a sensation of profound luxury. It is extremely liberating to relax in the moment and experience the present, granting your full attention to whomever or whatever is in front of you.

Every bit as important as design innovation and joy in mindfulness is peace of mind, The integrity of the Infantium Victoria supply chain is impeccable: we are 100% organic, free of any animal products, and our garments are dyed, grown, and processed in the least invasive way possible.

Infantium Victoria provides complete transparency in our production from GOTS certified cotton to sustainably produced ribbon and lace. We choose our partners very carefully, investing an enormous amount of time and resources into selecting and finding our dear suppliers who will guarantee the same commitment to our planet, and to humanity, that we do. 

By integrating our value system so completely in our brand, we offer our clients a deeper luxury; they are free to enjoy the self-expression that comes from the highest level of design with the peace of mind that comes from a 100% ethical and sustainable supply chain.   

For us, this is the biggest luxury fashion can entail.

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