3 Ways Our Trailblazer T-shirt is Unlike Anything Else in Their Closet

Can we wax poetic about the humble yet glorious t-shirt? Effortlessly chic and endlessly comfortable, t-shirts are the official kid uniform of summer.

Infantium Victoria's deep luxury take on the classic tee emphasizes attention to detail, originality, and the impeccable quality we are known for in the Trailblazer T-shirt ($47) from the SS17 collection Emulsion.

This sophisticated-yet-casual top is the perfect introduction to Infantium Victoria for customers new to our designs. Let's break it down—here are three things about the Trailblazer T-shirt that put it in the style stratosphere:

1. Dip dye: each garment is dip dyed by hand. Our GOTS certified process is extremely time-consuming and requires a high level of craftsmanship to achieve the signature ombré look of the Emulsion collection. First the blue pigment is applied and allowed to dry, followed by the orange, resulting in a unique colour combo that is true on the inside and the outside of the shirt

2. Experimental neckline: drawing inspiration from the wet suits of pearl divers, the Trailblazer neckline is puffed with organic cotton that lends a 3D visual element. 

3. Embroidery: adding texture and 3D details, the appliqué of each garment features an embroidered oil rig and helicopter, based on the drawings of Infantium Victoria Creative Director Dinie van den Heuvel's son, Mauritz, a young aspiring artist.

The Trailblazer T-shirt in degrade (ombré orange to blue) is available in sizes 3-10 and a onesie version for infants. An all black version—black with black embroidery—will be coming soon, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know!

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