What is Vegan Clothing?

When one is offered the option of buying of a garment made of an organic textile and a non-organic one, given same the same pricing one would tend to choose the former. There is plenty of evidence supporting the safety for consumers, supply chain and environment that organic options offer. We at Infantium Victoria understand the demand for clean materials, and we decided not to limit ourselves just to organic, but actually step further into defining the base of our collections. We chose VEGAN materials. And here is why.

Vegan in clothing stands for garments made without using leather, fur, wool, silk, bone, horns, shell, or any other animal products. Vegan approved clothing is made of plant based textiles, such as cotton, linen or hemp, or man-made fibers like elastane, polyester. 

We at Infantium Victoria believe that even such a small deed as avoiding using animals in our clothing is beneficial for well-being of the planet. To our kids we are passing on the importance of respect for all living beings. We teach our kids harmony and peace for their better future. We do not want to preach for plant-based diets, we believe parents should decide for their kids themselves. Choosing vegan clothing could be what you could do today to secure your kids future, something your kids will learn and appreciate later on.

 While some argue that animal fibers are a byproduct of the farming industry we need to understand what a heavy environmental burden that animal farming creates. It takes enormous resources to support commercial cattle and it takes loads of chemicals to process the animal skin. Most of the dirty processing is moved into developing countries where workers and their families are suffering the effects of these dangerous toxins. In other words, both animals and humans are victims to excessive demand on non-vegan materials.

Wool is something that is often used in kids fashion as an obvious choice for colder days. This is a particularly tricky topic when it comes to animal abuse. But let us sum it up, before going into too much detail. Wool production is Pain. Period. Do we want to share a product which through its creation causes so much suffering with our kids? We don’t think so. All we want for our kids is to be better humans then we are.

 We at Infantium Victoria choose vegan materials to ensure the wellbeing of our kids. Our future is secured only with happy and healthy offspring. Join us in spreading the message of responsible fashion for a better world!




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