Story behind our lace

Hi! Today I wanted to share a little behind the scenes of creating lace for our first collection.As we just set for the first time with Dinie, we decided on not using prints in our collection to imitate lace – we were ought to actually use  real lace!

So with this thing in mind we went to the Premier Vision exhibition. We found beautiful organic lace and trims, but problem was that those are supplied mostly by Japanese or Chinese manufacturers. Not exactly what we wanted.  We met several other European manufacturers, however most do not work with organic materials yet! So we had to make our own lace with organic material! Truly unique product to match our unique concept.

Dinie came up with design for lace. We set to have 2 themes to give a little variety in collection, those are Gothic with spider web and Steampunk. They came in 3 sizes 2 cm, 10 cm and 20 cm to match specific garments.

We provided organic cotton for the lace base and Forster Rohner AG (our Swiss magicians) did the rest! We are so proud of our exquisite lace!

Hope now you will have more insights on how we create sustainable fashion Infantium Victoria.


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