Holiday Shopping Guide 2022

The holidays are just around the corner. Everyone is looking for a wardrobe upgrade. While we all remember that the most sustainable garments are the ones that are in the closet, it's such a treat to shop for kids. We offer some of our favorite suggestions for beautiful, sustainable Christmas outfits.

Comfy knitwear

This year's selection of Christmas includes two sets in beautiful shades of grey and pink. On both, you see a Christmas tree made of farm animals and dinosaurs. This fun get-together of animals is our manifesto to stand for animal rights.

The perfect Christmas sweater for boys and girls are absolute must-have for the festive season! The Boys and Girls Christmas sweaters are available in sizes six months to 14 years old, making them beautiful matching outfits for siblings.

Baby Christmas Outfit

For a more formal event or a family photo shoot, we offer our beautiful one-piece for baby boys six months to 2 years old. Select between organic cotton velvet and organic cotton jacquard versions. Not to be missed for a refined little gentleman!

Baby Girl Christmas Outfit

An absolute must for holidays is the Baby Girl Christmas Dresses. We have a broad selection of organic cotton baby dresses. Some highlights include a stunning red velvet dress with a jersey top or a beautiful white tulle dress for the little princess.



Boys Christmas Outfits

For older boys, we would like to offer a selection of fantastic dress pants of different cuts made from organic cotton velvet or organic cotton jacquard.

One could top it with a casual turtleneck, blazer, or a designer boys shirt.

Girls Christmas Outfits

Nothing beats the dress for a Christmas celebration. Our most beloved cape dresses are the ultimate festive pieces for girls ages 4 to 16!

Discover more ideas in our dresses section 

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