Young Artist Takes Iconic Helicopter to New Heights for 'Emulsion'

At the heart of our new collection, Emulsion, is the soaring helicopter—a symbol of technological prowess, wealth, and the ability to reach soaring heights and inaccessible landscapes. 

While the embroidered oil rig is the primary graphic statement of the collection, the inclusion of the helicopter perched upon the rig embodies tremendous personal significance for me and my son.

Although Mauritz, then aged 9, agreed to lend his talents as an artist, he was quite insistent that the design provide space for a helicopter. And rightly so—after all, an oil rig is inaccessible without one.

Iconic Helicopter Emulsion Infantium Victoria

In spite of several images I provided him as a reference, he chose to ignore them, and drew the helicopter loosely and from memory. The models in our photo shoot responded enthusiastically to the helicopter, which is certainly a more familiar concept than an oil rig for most children.

Iconic Helicopter Emulsion Infantium Victoria

I purchased a small toy helicopter as a present for Mauritz, a token of my appreciation for his hard work on Emulsion. We began taking it with us on our adventures near and far, snapping photos of the helicopter behind the scenes at Infantium Victoria, and also out in nature.

And so, the helicopter has become an iconic part of the Emulsion campaign.

Iconic Helicopter Emulsion Infantium Victoria

In a way it teaches me to look closer, to pay attention to details, and see more of what children see, but which grownups may take for granted.

We will post little peeks into our work and lives and share our helicopter pictures with you on Instagram this Spring and Summer. We hope you will join us and share your own pictures of your children wearing Infantium Victoria!

Thanks for reading and sharing our journey—xo, Dinie

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