Bees and Biodiversity

The fashion industry plays an important role when it comes to the planet's biodiversity. Not only it refers to the type of fibers designer use, but also to the supply chain build-up.

We at Infantium Victoria are determined to support biodiversity. As a GOTS-certified company, for our collections, we select only organically grown fibers. These  fibers are grown without the use of chemicals, depleting soil and pesticides, 

Our summer 20 Collection - NoPesticides! is called to pay attention to marvel insets as they are very often unseen superheroes. We purposely make insects seen by presenting them as huge embroidery and hand block prints. 

We wanted to go further in saving the bees and choose to donate 5% of sales to the Bee Conservation Funds  - The Honeybee Conservancy and Bee Fund . With every purchase you make on our website you will be supporting not only organic agriculture but active efforts in restituting bees' population, severely damaged by conventional farming practices.

Organically grown cotton employs the ecological processes of nature to maintain soil fertility, insects, and microorganism in balance. Farming sustainably increases biodiversity due to less indiscriminate elimination of bugs, varied crop production, and use of local species as border crops.






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