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The tragedy of Rana Plaza on April 24, 2013is a turning point in the fashion industry. It’s when the Fashion Revolution is born! This global movement urges customers to ask their brand #whomademyclothes? Customers have enormous power over how industry works. With every our purchase is a vote to which business model works. We define lives of all the people in the supply chain, their communities, their environment. So educate yourself, demand more transparency from your brands!

living Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution – meet Waltraud from our German sewing atelier

When me and Dinie started Infantium Victoria in 2014, it was clear from the very beginning we want to build a different business model. We are Fashion Revolution! We need to know our suppliers, we need to make sure everyone in the chain is treated fairly. We are living Sustainability every day.

Sourcing materials in Europe seemed to be the best choice. Our major suppliers come from France and Italy. However woven fabrics in organic quality are so hard to find locally, so we had to expand our search further. That’s when we met Ecological Textiles , importers of GOTS textiles from India.

Our production facility is located in Germany, that’s where we also do sampling for our collections. It allows us to be fast, to be flexible. As we grow, we plan to locate production to our biggest market markets.

Infantium Victoria is about transparency. Every garment in our catalogue has a certain passport. You could find the textile consumption, along with respected suppliers. Also timings for pattern, grading, sampling and sewing are presented for customers to see how much works is behind every garment.

Last, but not least. Infantium Victoria offers unique esthetics. Timeless, distinctive style to be wondered over years to come. Our garments are true heirloom treasures.

Join us in the Fashion Revolution! We know #whomadeyourclothes!

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