Ready for Take-Off in the Superhero Jumpsuit

What could be more irresistible than a chic one-piece that doubles as inspirational play wear fit for childhood's grandest adventures?

One of our best-sellers from the new Spring Summer 2018 collection, The Canopy, our Superhero Jumpsuit ignites the imagination with an attached cape, gorgeously embroidered with our pixel print treehouse motif. This 100% cotton, unisex sleeveless jumpsuit features three generous front and side pockets for hiding treasures, natural wood button down closure, and a rounded neckline for total comfort. 

We love how Amy and her muse Tage of @fiveladiesandbeau have styled it with white socks, slip-ons, and aviator goggles for a look that is one half Amelia Earhart and one half Calabasas.

The Superhero Jumpsuit is available at stockists and in the Infantium Victoria online store. Snap one up for your little superhero today!


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