Collaboration with Sandro Marzo

We are super excited to announce our collaboration for upcoming winter collection!

Sandro Marzo is an award winning designer from Basel, Switzerland. You can have a look at his collections here. Sandro specializes in exclusive high-end menswear, really cool one. He’s also featured in NJAL:

“Focusing on the particularity of traditional textiles and the further development proportions and silhouettes sandro marzo represents a radical re-invention of classical men’s wear. This process is not to be seen as a mere minimization or an historical study of materials, but as a continuous development encouraged by chosen thematical concepts. Since its foundation in 2013 sandro marzo has been a regular at the bi-annual Swiss fashion week ModeSuisse and was awarded ‚Best Newcomer’ by the prestigious Design Preis Schweiz. Just one year later the designer received the Swiss Design Award 2014 for his controversial Spring-Summer collection 2014. The following Autumn-Winter collection (AW14) has been featured prominently in the exhibition ‚Excellent Swiss Design’ at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. Since the beginning of 2014 the young fashion brand presents its work now regularly at the men’s fashion week in Paris. sandro marzo is available at selected retailers in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria, China and South Korea.”

We believe in synergy. This collaboration will open new dimensions to Infantium Victoria legend. What’s it is gong to be about? Space adventures, time travel? Wait and see. But for sure your little girls and boys would not be bored. They’ll be coolest tots on the block

Infantium Victoria is adding another size, catering to little people from 6 Months to 6 year old. We are very pleased to grow our sizing offer as our customers grow.

So what you can expect? A totally new Infantium Victoria. Have a glimpse at the AW1516 from sandro marzo below

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